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Overview of Asthma Treatments

Being in the know about the most effective asthma treatment is vital if you have asthma or know a loved one who suffers from the condition. Understanding asthma and being knowledgeable about its treatments will help you manage your symptoms much more efficiently.

While you should always know when to contact your doctor for emergency asthma symptoms and attacks, here is an overview of how asthma is treated.


Asthma is not a life-threatening condition if you have access to asthma medications. There are two primary classes of asthma drugs to treat the symptoms.


Asthma inhalers are the most efficient and preferred method of treatment. Asthma inhalers transport its medication, or in some cases, medications directly into the lungs. There are different varieties available with different application techniques.

Steroids/Anti-Inflammatory medications

Steroids and anti-inflammatories are the primary treatment method for many asthma patients. These medicines decrease mucus production and swelling in the airway and lower the risk of asthma attacks.


Bronchodilators alleviate asthma symptoms by loosening the muscles that may tighten and opening up the respiratory airway. There are two types of bronchodilators inhalers.

Short-acting inhalers, also known as rescue inhalers, help with chest tightness, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Those who have an active lifestyle also use their inhalers prior to exercising. However, using an inhaler more than a couple of times a week means that you may need a more advanced treatment to control the symptoms of asthma, which means long-acting inhalers. Long-acting bronchodilators are almost always used in combination with inhaled steroids.


Some people have trouble with inhalers, in which case, an asthma nebulizer is a better alternative. Even though this device is usually preferred where infants and children are concerned, everyone may opt for a nebulizer instead of an inhaler. However, nebulizers take a few more minutes longer to work than inhalers as the device turns the medication into a vapor for inhalation.

Remember to always check in with your doctor. If you ever find that your treatment is not working and alleviating your condition, talk to your doctor to determine whether there is a better option. Asthma is common and can be serious, but as long as you have the right tools to keep it under control, it does not have to affect your daily life.

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Posted on May 25, 2017


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